Kimono jacket


Kimonos in different variants have already appeared in 2015. Although we have had a lot of time to get used to this kind of style, we can spot oriental forms and prints in shop windows rather than in the streets.

Too bad because this autumn they are still in and can really jazz an outfit up.  All you need is one oriental item and even the most basic outfit takes on the character.

A strong trend of autumn and winter 2017/2018 are flowers in Asian version (e.g. Gucci).  We can also find floral accents and forms in high-street shops. The queen here is Zara – already in spring collection we could notice references to Japan, and in autumn Zara continues the oriental trend offering floral Asian kimonos, dresses or pyjamas variations.

My oriental outfit is rather basic and two-coloured, and the kimono jacket adds spice to the whole stylization.

Yours KateMe


Kimono jacket: Mango

mules: Tamaris

photo: Joanna Groth

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