Less is more

Minimalism. Simplicity. Basic colours. We do not have to wear all the colours and stylings in the world to look good. Very often the effect is quite the opposite. Sometimes less is really more!

Crème de la crème


Minimal look   T-shirt Topshop/ Superstar adidas/ Kate Spade New York bag/ No-name pants   ph. Asia Groth

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Minimal look for a chilly summer day


Minimal outfit Classic white top, slouchy jeans and long beige jacket. Mules and black, elegant yet comfy Kate Spade New York bag.   KateMe xx       Zara jeans /Kate Spade New York bag/ Neścior mules   ph. Biała

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Knee-high leather boots so in style


Knee-high boots are so in style in AW2018/2019 season. Black leather comfortable boots are my fav model this winter #soinstyle #comfy #classic # AW2019 #winterboots

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Tommy down coat


Tommy coat and Klein accessories

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Padded jacket


#paddedjacket What we love about padded jackets most is the fact that they keep us warm during autum-winter time.  A padded jacket – associated only with sport style before, but those times are far behind us, aren’t they? My favourite is the one which looks a bit oversize. #oversize #puffer #paddedjacket       Yours KateMe […]

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Black leather skirt-shorts


This autumn we just love leather skirts, shorts, pants and dresses.

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Double-breasted dress


Double-breasted white dress, oversized mohair jacket, and black slingback shoes #Sopot #May #2018

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Khaki culottes in a winter look


Winter stylization of khaki cullotes. Motlawa River at Gdansk covered in snow # Gdansk #Poland #2018

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Autumn chic 2017


Beige tones for autumn and winter weather.

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Kimono jacket


Kimonos in different variants have already appeared in 2015. This year oriental forms and prints are still in. A strong trend of autumn and winter 2017/2018 are flowers in Asian version.

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