Be cool

Stylings with an artistic tone. Cool places. Awesome people. Beautiful animals. Nice cars.

Old Hollywood vibe


A headscarf and sunnies. Good Old Hollywood. #2019trend     Scarf / Karl Lagerfeld  Sunnies/ Balmain     KateMe xx

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Kimono set


Shorts and shirt in kimono style #kimonoset   H&M kimono set/ Tamaris slides-on/KSNY bag

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Orange men’s sweatshirt mixed with high-heeled black boots


Men’s orange sweatshirt combined with classic mom jeans and super cool high-heeled black boots. Feather-shaped hair-clips. #mixofstyles <3 KateMe xx     Boots Vagabond/ Men’s sweatshirt H&M/ hair-clips Bijou Brigitte   ph. Asia Groth

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A French beret and a French bulldog – such a nice combination


  Calzedonia tights/ Mango jacket (old collection)/ Beret Reserved (winter collection)   Yours KateMe xx   ph. Biała  

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Coolest ecru boots – right choice for the spring


Leather ecru or white boots – right and coolest choice for the spring 2019! #bootsspring2019 #sstylishecruboots #leatherecruboots #supercooltrend2019   I am crazy about them<3    Vagabond boots new collection/ Zara blouse new collection/ Favourite Mom’s jeans Pull&Bear/ Coat H&M   Yours KateMe xx   photo:  Kasia M.

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Carhartt girl


Good old Carhartt beanie <3    Carthartt Beanie/Tommy Hilfiger Coat/ Ryłko shoes/ Stradivarius socks/ H&M hoodie/ Italian no name sweat pants/ Calvin Klein scarf & gloves/ Italian no name suede bag   Yours KateMe  xx

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Total knitwear look


White knitwear top and bottom. Cozy and very in style #trendy2019 #winter2019

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Total red look


Outfits in one colour or similar shades of that colour, in the world of fashion called total looks – love it. #total #red #look     Yours KateMe xx   fot. Joanna Groth

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Leopard and other wild prints


This AW2018 we just love all animal prints – leopard spots, or stripes of a snake, a zebra or a tiger. We can mix them all in one outfit, and also with textures which may seem to bite each other. The outfit presents red leaopard print together with white lace plus some snake prints on […]

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Pleated skirt


Trends 2018 #pleats #big logo #Nike Huarache

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